Debi Marshall


True Crime



Killing For Pleasure

Five years in research, the story Marshall unfolds is an un-sensationalised, forensic account of the maniacal murders of 12 people that the world would come to know as the ‘Bodies in the Barrels’ murders. It includes key exclusive interviews with the dying partner of the mastermind behind the killings and her son, the prosecution’s key witness. This is a story that will haunt you long after you have finished reading.

—-Published 2006


Justice In Jeopardy

The extraordinary story of the depraved 1973 murder of baby Deirdre is an unflinching investigation into two court cases, lost police evidence and forensic disasters that unravelled jury verdicts. During research into this heart-wrenching story, Marshall went alone to secure the only interview Deirdre’s suspected killer ever gave. Justice in Jeopardy ultimately helped overturn Australia’s double jeopardy laws.

—-Published 2005

The Devil's Garden

Marshall examines the murders of three young Perth women between 1996 and 1997 which, after 20 years was the most expensive, long-running unsolved investigation in Australian history. Sidelined by police during research, she demands answers as to why the (then) prime suspect had not been publicly cleared nor charged and why, despite eleven reviews, police appeared no closer to charging this serial killer. The prime suspect was not charged. Instead, in 2016 Bradley Edwards was charged with the murders and is now awaiting trial. Debi is presently writing new chapters to update this book which will be published post-trial.

—-Published 2007


Lambs To The Slaughter

This story is a chilling and compelling account of the man dubbed as ‘Australia’s answer to Hannibal Lecter’; a forensic examination of the crimes, the man and his modus operandi. Informed with exclusive material, including the only interview the killer’s mother has ever given, Marshall takes us on her own personal journey as she seeks to unravel the truth about the man she believes was responsible for Australia’s worst unsolved child abductions and murders – including Adelaide’s missing Beaumont children. When the book was released, an eyewitness gave a chilling, first-hand account of seeing Percy with one of his child victims, 3 year old Simon Brook, just minutes before the boy’s murder. Marshall gave this information to NSW police. Percy died in 2014. He was never held to account for Simon Brook’s mutilation murder.

—-Published 2009

The Family Court Murders

4 murders. 5 bombings. 2 shootings. And no one charged. This is the definitive story of the Family Court Murders.

An initiative of the Whitlam Government, the so-called ‘helping court’ opened its doors in January 1976. But despite the high idealism of the court’s creators, they failed to factor in one universal truth: that in a marital tug of war, one side would always feel more embittered than the other.

—-Published 2014


Banquet: The Untold Story of Adelaide’s Family Murders

Only one suspect has been charged and convicted for The Family Murders of Adelaide, the City of Corpses. Award-winning investigative journalist, Debi Marshall, interrogates these long cold cases.

In this definitive expose, Walkley-award winning journalist Debi Marshall turns her investigative blowtorch to the shocking Adelaide Family murders and to secrets long hidden in the City of Corpses.

—-Published 2021

Her Father's Daughter

Since the publication of her autobiography, Sara Henderson has become a household name. There’s barely a person in the country who doesn’t know the now legendary story of how she saved her outback property from a million-dollar debt, hasn’t heard about the philandering husband and the estrangement from her middle daughter Bonnie. But how much of what she writes is true and how much of it is fantasy?

—- Published 1997


Lang Hancock

Genius or self-serving opportunist? Lang Hancock was both, and a lot more besides. This biography goes to the heart of the indomitable mining magnate whose fortune continues to be at the centre of a bitter family feud.

Eight years after his death, and half a century after he claimed to have found the richest and largest lode of iron ore on earth, Lang Hancock continues to fascinate.

—-Published 2000

The House of Hancock

The unauthorised biography of Gina Rinehart, informed by never-before seen material. Rinehart attempted, unsuccessfully to subpoena Marshall’s research notes for the book.

—-Published 2012